December 11th, 2017

I apologize for the delay on this blog post. There was a true meeting held on Monday and I do plan to do a follow up post on each village meeting as time allows.  The boys and I were sick this week so it’s been a rough one.  Please remember there are meeting minutes on the village website – these are my own take on the meetings so they will offer my unique perspective and opinions.

The previous council really handled most of their old business the meeting prior so their portion of the meeting (that prior to the swearing in) was more about recognition and thanks for the service. For the new council, which consists of Chris Wrights, Mike Combest, John Wait (mayor), P.J. Lofland, Scott Binkley and myself there were some appointments made.

John Wait – Transportation Advisory Committee (unanimous)

Mike Combest – Transportation Advisory Committee Alternate (4-1, Barson opposed)

Michelle Barson – Piedmont Triad Regional Council Representative (unanimous)

Scott Binkley – Stormwater Advisory Board (unanimous)

I’m very happy with the appointments – I think each person will serve well in their roles. I like the continuity that Combest offers the Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) but was concerned about his maintaining the role of the alternate because he appears dead set on a median.  A median that, clearly, not all of Clemmons agrees on.  I

John Wait has assured me that TAC meetings are far too important to miss for any reason, which means the alternate role won’t have much influence for the next two years (length of Waits’ term).  I trust John Wait to push the Department of Transportation to provide multiple solutions and not just a median.  Medians help with the traffic flow – that’s the truth. That’s why they’re on freeways.  There are other options out there for a mixed use road like Lewisville-Clemmons – some solutions that we can put in place sooner than later and others that would take a longer planning and construction period.  I’m excited to hear what information John brings back to the council so that we can help find Clemmons the traffic solution those who live here and travel here need so badly.


Author: Michelle Barson

Trying my best everyday.

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