Safety through community engagement

crime photo
EXCERPT: The city of Winston-Salem experienced 25 homicides in 2017, a statistic that residents shouldn’t accept, Police Chief Catrina Thompson says.
“We should never tolerate violence in our community,” Thompson said. “To combat this problem as a community, we can take time to invest in our youth.” END EXCERPT
There are many ways to combat violence and investing in our youth is just one of them. The Village of Clemmons has been working on engaging our youth and providing fun, safe and family-friendly activities in our community (thank you, Shannon Ford).
As children get older they look for more activities to keep them busy. As a former YMCA employee in youth sports I know that as children age the activities that once engaged them often cease to. I hope that Clemmons can begin to look at ways to engage our youth with safe activities that don’t take adult oversight to participate in.  For instance, Clemmons has no public parks, basketball courts or tennis courts. We lack sidewalks and greenways that older youth could use to get to Tangelwood Park, the YMCA or to their friends’ homes.
EXCERPT: …“it is not uncommon for neighborhoods to become less of a ‘community’ and more of a heterogeneity place where people live around each other but do not have consistently safe interactions.
“This increases the likelihood of being victimized by someone they know and also not having a ‘neighborhood watch’ to protect from victimization,” she said. END EXCERPT
 In 2018, I hope that we can find ways to provide safe outlets to our youth and increase our feelings of friendship and community by better connecting with one another through these same opportunities. Get to know your neighbor. Talk to people at the grocery store.  The more we can make our houses feel like homes and our neighbors feel like our friends the safer we will make our beautiful Village of Clemmons.
Have a safe, happy and healthy new year!
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Author: Michelle Barson

Trying my best everyday.

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