February 12, 2018 – The Median

Let’s get right to it.  This last election cycle had a contentious topic – whether or not to install a median down Lewisville-Clemmons Road and whether or not the previous council had limited our options only to a median.

Last night, Mayor Wait provided an awesome power point that tells the story better than I ever could. Please click to view his power point. Johns Power Point

The Council was then presented with two replacement resolution options. The third option being, of course, to adopt no new resolution.  The previous resolution Resolution 2016-R-17 was adopted by Village Council on September 26th, 2016 in it, it clearly states:

  • The Village supports DOT’s plan to build a median south of I-40 to Highway 158 on L-C Road.
  • That if the project is funded, “NCDOT will construct a 4-land divided cross-section[.]”
  • The resolution DOES NOT support the exploration of any other solutions for this road besides a median.

Here were our options for a new resolution.  John Wait, Warren Kasper (atty to the Village) and Village staff prepared the resolution Project U-6004 Resolution – REVIEW DRAFT-A.  Mike Combest, prior to the meeting, (we all received a copy of these prior to the meeting) edited it down to create Project U-6004 Resolution – REVIEW DRAFT B.  The difference between them was a number of paragraphs preceding the real meat of the resolution, which is:

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Village Council of Clemmons that it will re-evaluate its support of and point assignment to Project U-6004 after NCDOT presents its design to the Council and input is received from the community. The Village Council wishes for such design to improve traffic flow and pedestrian safety within the Corridor, enhance the appearance thereof, and preserve ready access to the businesses and facilities located therein. The Village Council further desires that every feasible option be presented to the Village of Clemmons to achieve such outcomes, and that solutions not be limited to those including a substantially unbroken median throughout the Corridor. To this end the Village Council strongly encourages NCDOT to enlarge the scope of its planning process regarding Project U-6004.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this Resolution shall not change the current NCDOT SPOT priority and point assignment for Project U-6004 by the Village, pending a review of design options presented to the Village Council by NCDOT.

All five council members agreed on the points of Draft B and we could have had a unanimous agreement on that.  My concern was, and I brought it up last night, that without the preceeding paragraphs (or the numerous “whereas” statements) it was hard to tell why we were putting forth a second resolution regarding the same study. I thought it was important that we were clear that this resolution took the place of the previous one and that we were clear as to why this was being done – to encourage DOT to provide us with options that were outside of just a median-based solution.


I really thought this would be viewed as a great “win” for both sides of the median argument.  A replacement resolution and not just a repeal was something that I had wanted and spoke about (and we can’t repeal a resolution anyway – they’re apparently just a statement that represents our sentiments so essentially we just updated our opinion).

We should have some design options in April/May and my hope is to have a Town Hall meeting following soon thereafter to receive feedback and have DOT and the engineers answer any questions from the community.

Author: Michelle Barson

Trying my best everyday.

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