Library Update Feb. 12, 2018

After some information gathering partnered with multiple meetings the Village and County have a clear path forward for the library. If anyone wants to hear how the sausage is made I would be happy to share those steps in greater detail.

  • Monthly meetings.  Each month we have a regularly scheduled meeting that includes the following attendees:
    • Damon Sanders-Pratt, Deputy County Manager
    • Scott Buffkin, Village Manager
    • Mike Gunnell, Dir. of Public Works
    • Megan Ledbetter, Village Planner
    • David Byington, Architect (citizen volunteer)
    • Lee Reynolds, President of the Friends of Library (citizen volunteer)
    • Mike Combest, Councilman
    • Michelle Barson, Councilwoman
  • While we are too far in the process to change the delivery system (i.e. the process by which it is bid and constructed) we are not too late to participate in further value engineering. To avoid design change fees we will work, in advance of knowing exact figures for the overall process, by prioritizing items that were taken out of the project already.  Damon is going to make a list of all of the items that were deducted from the project and get prices for each item.  The above listed group of people will then prioritize the items to be added back in if/when possible. When more specific numbers are given to the overall project we can better pick and choose what makes the most sense.
  • We are also not too late to make material changes. This means that with the help of David (a private sector architect) we will have a set of trained eyes telling us what materials we may be able to substitute for others without there being any obvious impact to the quality of construction or the aesthetics.  This is a great place for us to find dollars to attribute to other items.

The best news in all of this is that the Village feels like a partner again in the construction of its new library and we can better keep the citizens abreast of the any changes. One thing that Damon and Dudley stressed, that I want to stress to my followers, is that there were “non-negotiables” provided to the county by the previous library group and those are still there and they relate more to the interior uses, which at the end of the day is what matters most.

Not my most eloquent quote, but what I was trying to say at the the meeting was that I was glad there was a minor uproar over the changes to the exterior of the library by the people of Clemmons. It brought the library to the forefront of the Councils’ mind and gave us the direction we needed to re-engage with the county and stay involved with the construction process.  The council serves the people and receiving that type of feedback provides us the guidance that we need.

Author: Michelle Barson

Trying my best everyday.

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