Feb. 26, 2018 – Interlocal Agreement

As February winds down and our Neighbors-Helping-Neighbors initiative comes to an end the Village has begun to prepare for  March 2018 as March for Meals Month.

Shannon Ford, Village Marketing and Communications, will prepare data for our next council meeting to showcase the success (hopefully) of the Village of Clemmons promotion and support for the Clemmons Food Pantry over the past month (the chosen non-profit for the month).

March is also Random Acts of Kindness month – a month dedicated to the encouragement of kind acts for no reason other than to make that other persons day better. One of my favorite quotes comes from the late Princess Diana and I believe captures the message of this initiative.  She said, “Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you”.

This leads me to our INTERLOCAL AGREEMENT Tobaccoville 2017-2018 where the Village of Clemmons assists the Village of Tobaccoville with their annual collection of bulk trash.

Northwest Piedmont Safety Partnership

Each year Clemmons assists the Village of Tobaccoville by lending workers and trucks to perform their bulk trash pick up.  It is scheduled at a time when we do not utilize the trucks and comes at no cost to us as Tobaccoville covers the cost for each day our staff and trucks are there (as determined by our own Ann Stroud, Village Finance Officer).

Clemmons partners with a number of smaller municipalities (Kernersville, King, Lewisville, Rural Hall, Tobaccoville, and Walkertown) and representatives from each one meet four to six times each year to discuss unforeseen disaster plans and discuss how they can share resources when applicable. This coalition is called the Northwest Piedmont Safety Partnership.

The Northwest Piedmont Safety Partnership was created out of a need that smaller municipalities have – fewer resources both monetarily and in manpower.

Its roots can be traced back to the early 90’s when a severe storm hit Mayodan (a town in Rockingham County) causing power outages and extensive tree damage. Clemmons, Rural Hall, King, Kernersville, Mocksville ,Mt. Airy, Madison, Walkertown and Winston Salem all sent staff and resources to aid with recovery.  Later, in 1998, Clemmons was hit with tornadoes in the Waterford Area and help came in from the outlying municipalities.

The collaboration has been helpful beyond disasters by allowing each municipality to open the lines of communication among them and reinforce the idea of helping one another in both times of desperate needs and for the everyday.   Each time they meet they discuss safety and operational topics.  They’ve also hosted outside experts and partners such as engineers, vendors and representatives from the League of Municipalities.


Community Garage Sale

Each year Clemmons has a bulk trash pick up in March, which also happens to be our Random Acts of Kindness month.  I spoke with Shannon Ford, Village Marketing and Communications, about the feasibility of promoting a community-wide yard sale prior to the bulk trash pick up and what that might look like. I also asked about partnering with a non-profit (or two or three or however many) to come between the yard sales and the bulk trash pick up to see if there were any items that would fit the needs of those they served and take additional pressure off of our public works staff.  She thought this could be done and after a brief discussion at Monday’s council meeting and consensus among the council she is going to put this event together for 2019.

Many neighborhoods already schedule their neighborhood-wide yard sales in the weeks prior to bulk trash pick up for much the same reason…no one wants to bring that stuff back in the house. But what if we could coordinate it so that people from Clemmons, around Clemmons and far outside Clemmons came a few different days to shop at multiple yard sales all in the sam general vicinity? We could bring some attention not just to the strip (though that’s a great benefit too), but to our many beautiful neighborhoods and homes.  It would help showcase Clemmons as a great place not just to eat and shop, but to live.  Plus people are more willing to travel for a garage/yard sale when there are multiple to go to near by.

The hope was to get this going for 2018, but there’s been a lot going on this winter so Shannon will wait until 2019 to launch the program and see if it gains any traction.

If you are in charge of planning your neighborhood yard sale each year or know who does, please contact Shannon Ford and let her know.  One thought she had was to create a special event facebook page where homeowners could add their address if they were participating, but it would also be great to send out information via email and Nextdoor of any neighborhoods that are participating. Hopefully the planning can begin in January so that a date is set early enough for everyone to coordinate with.







Author: Michelle Barson

Trying my best everyday.

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