March 12, 2018 – Market Center Drive

The biggest part of the meeting last night was in regard to the Market Center Drive project.  Market Center Drive is a road that runs parallel to Lewisville-Clemmons Road and connects Stadium Drive to Meadowbrook Mall Court.  The scope of the project includes the reconstruction of it (if you’ve been on it you know how bad it is), including road repair, sidewalk creation, increased and improved parking, street lights, crosswalks and street trees (i.e. it includes pretty stuff and super, useful pedestrian stuff, as well as creates more safety type of stuff).  A fully itemized list is available via the draft agenda for March 12 here.

The money for the project comes from many areas, but the one that came into question last night was in regard to the Main Street grant, which is a grant that comes from the NC Department of Commerce.  This is because $57k of the $100k from that grant was allocated toward a stamping of the Village logo on Market Center Drive and the project has gone over budget by about those same dollars. Last night Council was asked to adopt the revised budget with the project overage…instead it was sent back to Megan Ledbetter, Village Planner, to see if we could reallocate some of the received grant dollars for the logo stamping to a more necessary part of the project and remove the logo stamp from the scope of the project entirely.

The project has gone over budget for a number of reasons, including:

  • Costs were forecasted (so were approximations) for many of the line items
  • The project was originally meant to be started years ago so there has been a natural rise in material and labor costs
  • There has been a rise in costs (just over the last year even) due to rising oil prices
  • Since the economic downturn there are fewer construction companies, which means less competition for business thus higher costs

I’m hopeful we can reallocate those dollars to a more meaningful aspect of the project and move forward with it.  I would love to see something like a stamped logo on our streets but in a more prominent intersection (for instance, 158 + Middlebrook or Peacehaven + Lewisville-Clemmons or the like) or at an area that serves as a “gateway” to our community (for instance, Harper Road + 158, etc.).

Oh, and also on the agenda. A proclamation for Forsyth Creek Week 2018 in Clemmons. 

This is actually pretty cool – it’s truly just this acknowledgment that water is a valuable resource and for our community to be successful we have to protect it.  Read the proclamation – very short, but very meaningful.  We cannot live without water and I know I take having clean, accessible water is something I take for granted every day….every Tervis full. If you want family, fun activities for creek week (next week March 17-25) visit Triad Moms on Main. 

Author: Michelle Barson

Trying my best everyday.

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