Idols Road Industrial Park Update – 3.12.2018

The Village staff has forwarded all information/communications relating to this project to the Council. The back and forth between the Village and the County, as well as the County to Beaufurn has provided a much more complete picture of the situation for those of us previously unaware of the exact nature of these communications and rather just the end result.

On February 27th Kyle Haney, Forsyth County Economic Development Specialist, presented to the Clemmons West Home Owners Association.  The due diligence period is set to end March 15th with a closing date of April 10th. The county is working to include a Declaration of Restrictive Covenants for the park that will include building restrictions for furniture rezoning.   These fit county standards, but are not in accordance with Clemmons ordinances.  Please keep in mind this property is not Clemmons, but rather Forsyth County on the border of Clemmons.

This is a top priority to the council – to find a way to create a middle ground where all parties feel as though their needs are met.  We will continue to keep Clemmons abreast of any updates.

Author: Michelle Barson

Trying my best everyday.

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