Library Update 3.12.2018

The Library Advisory Committee met on March 9, 2018.  Deputy County Manager, Damon Sanders-Pratt brought a lot of great information including the design documents and items that were previously value engineered out of the design (i.e. removed).

The Committee was able to prioritize items to be added back in, as budget allowed, and at this point feel confident they will be. This is an ongoing process, however. Our next meeting is scheduled for March 28th.

This meeting also provided Village staff Mike Gunnell, Dir. of Public Works, and Megan Ledbetter, Village Planner, an opportunity to address the elevation of the building. Pictures from street level were not previously provided.  There were two issues. One that because it is set below street level it is not visually appealing and, two, that it would require a pump station, which both Clemmons and the County Commissioners said they did not want. It’s thanks to this ongoing communication that we are able to see and address these issues as a team.  I hope that the county staff staff views these meetings as a resource and an additional way to catch potential issues before they happen thus expediting construction on their end and speeding up our ability to enjoy our new library.

Mr. Pratt has many follow up questions to ask of his architect and staff on the behalf of the Committee and during this time between meetings our committee will be reviewing building materials to see if there are any additional opportunities for cost savings.  If there are, those dollars can be reallocated to other parts of the project that were removed or to adding additional technology resources.

Author: Michelle Barson

Trying my best everyday.

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