Library Advisory Committee Meeting – March 28, 2018

The library advisory committee met and discussed dirt. Yup, dirt.

Currently the County and Village disagree on the necessity of dirt and who should have to pay for it.  In an effort to be proactive on the issue and avoid spending Village money on dirt Village staff members Megan and Mike (planning and public works) are reaching out to contacts to find out about any low cost or free dirt.  Dirt ranges in cost from $12-$15 a square foot (I think I’m saying that correctly) and the cost comes not necessarily from the dirt itself but from the transportation of it.

Also on the agenda was an update from our community partner – David Byington. He’s an architect from our community who is donating his time to help with the library.  He reviewed the finer details of the plan such as materials and sub-contractors over the past two weeks. He was hoping to find some “gold plating” in the plan that could be reduced to “silver” but that was not the case. He said all of the materials were great quality and cost effective and that all of the subcontractors were among the same his firm used. He was impressed with the materials and subcontractors.  This gives me renewed hope on one aspect of our library – the interior.  I anticipate the interior layout, materials and technology are exactly what Clemmons had hoped for.

Current concerns include:

  • Raising the elevation of the site 2-7 feet
  • Getting outdoor space (front pillars and backside pergolas, walkways and courtyard)

We meet again in just two weeks. In the meantime, Councilman Combest and I will be exploring additional opportunities to resolve these concerns.

Author: Michelle Barson

Trying my best everyday.

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