Market Center Drive Update – March 26, 2017

Last meeting, the Council asked Village Planner, Megan Ledbetter, to look into removing an aesthetic stamping of the Village logo on the ground and reallocating those funds to the general project.

The project overage (thus money that would be requested from our general fund) and stamping were about the same cost. There was a concern that because the stamping was specifically mentioned as part of a grant provided by the NC Department of Commerce we would not be able to shift those funds. This was not the case and we are pleased to have the project funded and ready to move forward.

Thanks to Public Work Director, Mike Gunnell, the Village was able to save an additional $40,000 on the project.  He negotiated with the lowest bidder, Yadkin Valley Paving Inc., and the bid was brought down from $793,513 to $752,513.

The Market Center Drive project is part of the Village Comprehensive Plan and is the first phase of many that provide improved public access through existing shopping centers.

Jim Buice, of the Clemmons Courier did a great job detailing this project. You can read his story here. 

Author: Michelle Barson

Trying my best everyday.

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