Street Repair for 2018

The Yadkin Valley Paving bid was approved last night.  The roads scheduled to be repaired for 2018, include:
Moratock Lane
McKnights Trace
Bridle Path
Willow Court
Forest Oak Drive
Each of these roads will be resurfaced, which will occur as a multi-step process. First, sections currently outlined with white paint will be removed, recompacted, and then patched with structural asphalt.  Then the entire road will be resurfaced with an aggregate binder course. Finally,  a 1-1/2 to a 2-inch topping asphalt will be applied.
The funds for road repair come from the Powell Bill Funds, which is money given back to municipalities by the state for resurfacing of streets, as well as maintaining, repairing, constructing, reconstructing or widening of any street or public thoroughfare including bridges, drainage, curb and gutter, and other necessary appurtenances within the corporate limits of the municipality or for meeting the municipality’s proportionate share of assessments levied for such purposes, or for the planning, construction and maintenance of bikeways, greenways or sidewalks. (The Powell Bill: N.C.G.S. 136-41.1 through N.C.G.S. 136-41.4).
The amount of Powell Bill funds allocated to municipalities used to be statutorily tied to the gas tax, but the formula linking Powell Bill funds to gas tax was repealed (Section 29.17D.(a) of S.L. 2015-241)  My understanding is that it was changed for two reasons. The first is that when gas prices fluctuate it is hard for municipalities to know what to expect and budget for. Second, that there are times when gas prices drop too low to offer a meaningful impact in Powell Bill funds back to a municipality.  Now municipalities receive Powell Bill funds as appropriated by the General Assembly each year.
Here is a very outdated (2015) Powell Bill map. The Village receives an updated one from the state each year.

Author: Michelle Barson

Trying my best everyday.

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