Village Point Drive (Repair work)

As many of you have already noticed there is a large part of Village Point Drive (near Jessie Lane) that has a severe amount of damage. Last night, Mr. Steven Hankins of Hankins Properties (the developer of the site on Jessie Lane) came to the meeting to discuss the damage and the timeline, as well as cost for repair.

Let me back up by saying this…Mr. Hankins called the Village immediately after one of his contractors’ trucks first caused the damage (wether it was the quality of the road or a mistake by overloading the truck or even some coming together of the two is not yet determined).  I think this speaks highly to Mr. Hankins communication skills and the integrity of his company. He took ownership of the problem immediately and he is working with NCDOT (it is currently a DOT road) on resolving the problem and repairing it.

So, back to last night. Mr. Hankins came to the meeting because he knew this item would be discussed. He stood up and spoke and was clearly unhappy that damage had been done and promised the people of Clemmons an expedient repair and one that would cost them nothing.  Due to the time of year, as well as the fact that there is still a ton of work being done back there (i.e. lots of big trucks still moving lots of big things) it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to repair the road right now.  When construction is over in the next 60-90 days the road will be repaired soon thereafter.  Our Village staff will stay in communication with Mr. Hankins as this process moves along.

Mr. Hankins also addressed the damage to the sidewalk near the excavation site on Village Point Drive.  This too will be repaired once construction stops.

I think many of us have our own personal construction horror stories and I hope that we can all be patient as we wait for construction to be completed and the repairs to be done.  I’m grateful the Village has a partner in Mr. Hankins. I feel confident he is committed to making things right.

Author: Michelle Barson

Trying my best everyday.

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