April 23, 2018 – Tanglewood Business Park

Mike Combest and I met with Forsyth County Commissioner Don Martin who represents Clemmons on Wednesday April 11th to discuss the library and broach this topic as well.

He made it clear that construction of the Tanglewood Business Park would be taking place. He asked what our major concerns were and we shared a few.

One, that the covenants included a berm but not on the side that would be facing the homes of Clemmons West. I asked if he would consider a berm on that side as well and he felt as though that was a very reasonable request. He asked us to come back with a short list of improvements that would make this park more palatable to Clemmons residents.

Second, we asked that it meet the existing standards of Union Cross business park that the county also built.  The discrepancies are currently being reviewed.

Mike Combest and I left that meeting feeling incredibly hopeful about the future of this project and how it will impact Clemmons. Don Martin also shared that the assumptions we (the Village) were making on when we would make back money invested into the pump station were not accurate, but this is a matter of continued debate as it’s all based on unforeseeable numbers.

So, next steps.

  1. Mike Combest and I were granted authority (just last night) from our fellow council members to maintain conversations with the County and continue to represent the Village in matters regarding the business park.
  2. Mike is speaking with a county employee that Don Martin pointed him to, to discuss the differences in Union Cross and Tanglewood Business park.
  3. We are still waiting to hear on the results from the traffic impact analysis.
  4. Have our Village Planner, Megan, choose specific requests to take back to the county for consideration.
  5. Create an on-going communication plan as was done for the library.


Author: Michelle Barson

Trying my best everyday.

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