Library Update – April 26, 2018

Well, it’s officially, official. The Clemmons Branch of the Forsyth County Library has received an additional $200,000 from the county. The money comes from savings gained on the Central Library and was packaged with more money for the other library’s, but with Clemmons leading the way and receiving $200,000.  These dollars will go a VERY long way and bring back the aesthetic and useful design elements of front columns (for a covered porch-like area), courtyard pergolas (that make an outside courtyard inviting and more useable on hot days) and fencing (that will help to define the space and keep kids safe).

The conversations with the County started because of the Clemmons community reaction to such design elements being value engineered out to come in under budget.  The Village Council entrusted Mike Combest and I to represent the community and together we met with Commissioner Don Martin. Thanks to Don Martin the Village and County staff reconnected. The County Deputy Manager (Damon-Sanders Pratt) myself, Mike Combest, David Byington (a Clemmons-based architect) and Village staff began meeting on a regular basis.

After many meetings, emails and phone calls it became clear there wasn’t much ability to reallocate dollars at this point in the project. The dollars have been put toward these elements, but Combest and I are still hopeful about elevating the site two to seven feet… soooo if you know anyone who wants naming rights at the library and has suitable soils (and is willing to deliver and possibly even compact the dirt) their donation would be greatly appreciated and rewarded with a sponsorship level that equaled the value donated.


*There was a previous miscommunication about when this budget amendment was voted on.  It was passed today April 26th and not last Thursday. My apologies for any confusion and misrepresentation.*


Author: Michelle Barson

Trying my best everyday.

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