May 29, 2018 – 158 Sidewalk Update

The sidewalk connecting Middlebrook to Tanglewood Park to run along 158 is moving in the right direction.

There have had to be a number environmental studies for this project because of floodways and a creek crossing at Asbury Place. Those studies were recently received and they are approved.  This is great news!

Mike Gunnell and Megan Ledbetter have already gone out to the sites and itemized all of the necessary easement and right of way (ROW) needed.  Now those (ROW), temporary easements and permanent drainage easement dedications are being drafted by the Village attorney.  The goal is to receive those drafts some time next week. Once those are complete the Village will meet with property owners along 158 to receive their signatures, which should take one to two weeks.

After those signatures are obtained all of the agreements will be sent to NCDOT for ROW certification. Once the ROW certification is complete the plans will be reviewed again by NCDOT for concurrence, which will then allow construction authorization. The goal to receive construction authorization is by the end of June.

After the Village receives construction authorization advertisements will go out for a CEI firm and construction firm. The Village will pick the lowest responsible bidders and then submit those selections to NCDOT for approval. Once that approval is complete mobilization on the project can begin.

If everything goes as planned (as it always does – ha!) the construction should begin by the end of July and finish before the cold season.




Author: Michelle Barson

Trying my best everyday.

2 thoughts on “May 29, 2018 – 158 Sidewalk Update”

  1. Hi Michelle, I wondered if the end of June construction authorization was made and if we can look for construction to begin this month? Thanks for your work on this project.


    1. Just spoke with Megan, Village Planner, and the Village is finishing up the right of way…. 4 properties left to go then NCDOT will certify it…thinking late summer for construction. Everything is moving forward though. Thanks for being so diligent on this topic. On a related note – The Village staff is learning a new project management system that will eventually be integrated into the website. It will be great because everyone will be able to watch progress (and hiccups) on projects like these and others.


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