May 29, 2018 – Citizen Boards

The Village of Clemmons has a number of Citizen Boards that were created to gain insight from the population that the Village staff and officials serve.

In the past, a few newspaper advertisements in the Courier were placed to recruit volunteers. This year, ads went out via Facebook and Email blasts resulting in a HUGE number of applicants! I’m thrilled about this change in our marketing strategy for these boards because the interest in them had always been a little on the lighter side due primarily to a lack of familiarity with them. Council members have always contacted people to apply for these roles and that piece of it won’t change. Sometimes you meet or know of someone that you just know will be a great fit and you ask them to apply.  Regardless, any applicant must be voted in by a majority of the council so there aren’t any “handpicked” members.

Having more people participate in the process will give our boards grater diversity of age, gender, and experience.  Here’s some information on each board and how many applicants there have been

Planning Board

The planning board is focused on land use and future development.  There are just three board positions whose terms expire June 30, 2021 and we have received over 20 applicants! It’s great news for the Village, but makes making a decision about who to choose very difficult.  For more information about the planning board, click here. 

Zoning Board of Adjustments

The zoning board sets the tone for the Village and how areas are zoned (commercial, residential, general use, industrial, etc.). This board receives very few applicants but is really a very fascinating piece of the municipal puzzle as once areas are zoned that determination stays with the property regardless of it changing hands or business closing, etc.  so one must really think through it’s applications and how that will impact the community.  There are two regular seats and one alternate seat available for applicants. We have received over 15 applicants. Learn more about ZBoA here.

Stormwater Advisory Board

This board only meets once a quarter, but it’s very important. It focuses on water quality and protecting the natural resources for our neighborhoods.  There are just two seats available for appointment and we received about ten applicants. I see this board playing a huge role over the next couple of years and have some exciting ideas for them to explore. Read more about stormwater here. 

Ad-hoc Transportation Committee

This group will be updating the Village transportation plan, which includes greenways, sidewalks and roadways. More information is available here.  The deadline for this group has been extended until Monday June 4th because to it’s belated completion. You can apply online here.

There will be 5-10 spots available. Most likely the number will settle around 9.

Terms and Voting

The Council will vote on and announce applicants at the June 11th meeting.  Anyone who will no longer be serving will be recognized on June 25th for their hard work and commitment to the Village.  Terms are three years and will be effective July 1st. The exception is the Transportation Committee, which was created to be a temporary committee with an 18-24 month window of time. If the need is there the Council can vote to extend that committee or even to make it a permanent addition to the citizen boards.

All applicants must live within the corporate boundaries of the Village ofClemmons. Applications are available at the Village Hall, 3715 Clemmons Road and on our website at  For more information, call 336-766-7511 and ask for our Village Clerk, Lisa Shortt. Applicants that are not appointed to these positions will be maintained on file for consideration in future openings on boards so please don’t feel discouraged if you are not chosen.


Author: Michelle Barson

Trying my best everyday.

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