June 11, 2018 – Citizen Boards

Here is the agenda from Monday, June 11.  The minutes will be posted once approved at the June 25thmeeting.

Public Spaces

At the meeting prior to this we approved the use of the Village Point greenway by the YMCA for their upcoming Dirty Dozen 5k.  There was no cost associated with the use and the Council was in unanimous agreement to lend the property.

The Village attorney recommended, following that discussion, that we explore creating a comprehensive policy for all of the publically owned properties as it opens us up to future requests. Having some guidelines around usage will be helpful for staff in the future if asked and provide consistency among all those that make requests.

At this weeks’ meeting the Council was interested in knowing how often is the use of Clemmons property requested. It sounded as though it was minimal to none existent, however many of us wonder if it’s not because people are unfamiliar with the areas. So, here they are in their entirety. The first three are the only ones that I would envision groups wishing to utilize.

  • Village Point (lake area and parking area across from Novant hospital property)*
  • “Pocket Park” (Stadium and Ridgecrest)*
  • Small Park (4630 Greendale Way)*
  • Village Hall
  • 6301 Cook Ave. (will be part of the right-of-way for James St. Ext. as part of the library project and remainder will revert to Hubbard Properties)
  • Field Area (2838 Harper Road)
  • 2677 Knob Hill (drainage area)
  • Public Works (3800 Dillon Industrial Dr.)

Citizen Boards

Monday was the night where we voted on the appointees to the citizen boards, which included the newly created Transportation Committee, Zoning Board of Adjustments, Planning Board and Stormwater Advisory Board.

In addition to the newly created board the Council also voted to expand the Stormwater Advisory Board from five to seven members.  There are also two non-voting members, which include a member of the Council and a member from the Planning board both who serve as liaisons to their respective groups.

In previous years, the Council had found it difficult to find citizens interested in serving. Through the utilization of our e-blast list and our Facebook and Nextdoor accounts this was no longer a problem (thank you, Shannon Ford).  There were nearly 40 applicants for these few positions, which presented Council with a new problem – how to work through so many wonderful individuals and pick just a handful.  It was a hard process because it isn’t based just on education, professional occupation and other civic service but on how one will fit with the group and what other skills they may have such as organizational, project management or in even broader terms of enthusiasm for the task at hand.

Available Positions Included:

Transportation Committee – 9 members

Zoning Board of Adjustments – 2 voting and 1 alternate

Planning Board – 3 members

Stormwater Advisory Board – 4 members

Author: Michelle Barson

Trying my best everyday.

One thought on “June 11, 2018 – Citizen Boards”

  1. Michelle, your campaign platform of increased communication with the people of Clemmons is working! Great job! Credit goes to you too for the increased applicants relating to the citizen boards. People want to get involved now that they actually know the issues at hand. I’m proud to know you 🙂


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