July 9, 2018 – Regular Meeting

Here is the draft agenda from last nights meeting.

Meeting minutes from last nights meeting will be posted once approved at our next council meeting.

The Median

NCDOT Public Input Session for Lewisville-Clemmons Road Improvement Project at River Oaks Community Church on Tuesday, July 10, 2018 from 4-5, 5-6, and 6-7pm.

We hope that these input sessions will be well attended. The more folks that show up and share their thoughts the better able your Council can represent you during the on-going conversations with DOT.

Just yesterday Mike Combest and I met with Pat Ivey, the Division 9 Engineer, about other potential infrastructure challenges and opportunities around Clemmons. We spoke briefly about “the median” project and discussed how the initial presentation of the design appeared well-received. It was a custom designed solution made to meet the many needs of those who travel L-C Road each day. For instance, it should maintain shoppers’ easy access to businesses (but in a new way); better flow for the commuters; and, increased safety for all.   I’m hopeful!


Ad Hoc Transportation Committee Meets

The newly created Ad Hoc Transportation Committee met for the first time last night to put in a place a regularly scheduled meeting day and time.  They have decided on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month at 6pm at Village Hall.

At their official first meeting they will determine Chair,Vice Chair and other pertinent roles they see fit to assign, as well as receive input from members of council on direction to take.

You can click here to find out who is on the committee and learn more about the scope and objectives of the committee here. 

Disclaimer: Their first meeting may not be the 24th as many are out of town.  This will be communicated through Clemmons government communications.

Author: Michelle Barson

Trying my best everyday.

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