June 9, 2018 – Idols Industrial Park Update

Since our last Council meeting a few things have taken place.

1.Beaufurn has not closed and June 9th was their scheduled closing date.  This does not mean the deal is dead. The commissioners have extended the deadline in the past. I would expect a decision will take place on Thursday.

2. Councilman Combest and I are touring the Beafurn facility and meeting with the founder, Thomas, on Wednesday June 11th. I’ve heard great things about the company and am excited to meet them and learn more. I hope to also clearly convey that Clemmons would happily welcome them, but we have concerns about how the Idols Road location, at full build out, will impact the community. That issue, however, is between the County and Clemmons and does not reflect upon Beaufurn.

3. A meeting with the NCDOT Division 9 office took place on Wednesday June 28 to discuss the process and timeline for the development of the scoping documents for the Transportation Impact Analysis completed by Davenport. What came out of that meeting was an understanding that a scoping document was never signed off on and that typically these would include all stakeholders’ signatures. This is an issue for Clemmons because we needed to know who scoped it and how it was scoped as it left out where a majority of the business park traffic would travel.

4. Village staff is working on a fresh response to the previously discussed concurrency deal presented by the county. Our first response was not responded to and we were advised by commissioners to present a response a second time.

5. A third party analysis of the Traffic Impact Analysis was completed by Kimley-Horn. Jonathan Guy presented those findings. 2018-07-5 Industrial Park TIA Comments

6. Mike Combest created an economic analysis including ROI calculations for the park.  You can see that here Annualized ROI Calculations for TBP-6

Author: Michelle Barson

Trying my best everyday.

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