July, 2018 – NCDOT Wants Your Opinion

Last week, there was an NCDOT meeting regarding proposed improvements to L-C Road and other areas among our most congested south of I-40. NCDOT is taking comments through August 8, 2018 to provide feedback to Clemmons Council at our August 13th meeting.  You can email these to me,  another member of Council or Village staff and we will be happy to forward them to DOT.
Here is the presentation provided at the meeting by Kimley Horn  U-6004 Public Meeting Presentation July 2018 along with the handout  U-6004 Public Meeting Handout from the public meeting.  
Here is a link to the maps that were on display.  
  1. The first map shows the project study area and the breakout of the larger map exhibits.
  2. Exhibit A shows a more detailed view of Lewisville-Clemmons Road and US 158/Clemmons Road. To address the backup of southbound left turn traffic, the project proposes dual left turn lanes with two receiving lanes in front of Walmart. Widening is shown in yellow. Medians are shown in red. The medians are being extended a bit to address safety and operations.
  3. Exhibit B shows the area discussed between Stadium Drive and the I-40 interchange where the median is proposed. A traffic signal would be installed at the leftover at Sessions Court to facilitate left turns and U-turns.
  4. Exhibit C shows a proposed right turn lane at Peace Haven Road.
Options for the interchange layout need to be analyzed further, but NCDOT is waiting to see if the project is supported by the public and Village Council before anything moves forward. If the project is not supported, it will not move forward. If the project is supported, it will proceed with developing more detailed designs and return to the public with that information.



Author: Michelle Barson

Trying my best everyday.

One thought on “July, 2018 – NCDOT Wants Your Opinion”

  1. Thank you for all of the effort you put into our community. I appreciate the detailed information and the DOT presentation was very informative.


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