My vision for Clemmons is one that continues to make strides into the future, but respects the past.  Clemmons has its own, unique identity and that must be embraced and not ignored.  Knowing who we are and where we come from will make us more successful as we make plans for the years to come.


Clemmons must take inventory of what we have now and what our needs are. Government entities often takes an active role in the recruitment of new businesses to an area when they hear of an obvious need from the residents or the business community.  I believe taking a more active role in attracting businesses to Clemmons will help us to shape the business district for success.

We need to attempt to slow down the rate of growth and development until we have the proper infrastructure in place to support those traveling through and around Clemmons and ensure that businesses have ample parking and access for their patrons.

As we look to improve the level of service to Lewisville-Clemmons road by partnering with the NCDOT we must also discuss and prioritize projects that add to our quality of life like sidewalks and greenways.  As a Village, we should explore our options for adding a public park (the YMCA playground and property is not a Clemmons park nor is Tanglewood). Pocket parks that include playgrounds, basketball hoops, tennis courts and other outdoor resources provide activities for our families while also attracting new families to the area thus adding to the value of our homes.


In addition to how Clemmons looks, I want to be thoughtful about how Clemmons feels to us and how we do business as a Village.  The first step will be to create a more transparent government through earlier, public access to weekly agendas; bringing back the recording of the bi-weekly Village meeting; and, holding fewer closed-session meetings.

This type of ongoing communication and accessibility to information from the Village will help to alleviate confusion and mistrust from the community.


I believe that we need more citizen boards.  I plan to propose an Inter-Neighborhood Council that includes representatives from multiple communities so that the Council and staff keep an ear to the ground on the direct wants and needs of the residents and a Transportation Board that focuses uniquely on issues regarding transportation-related infrastructure.  This could potentially be a sub-committee of the Planning Board.

Currently, the Village offers e-mail blasts and posts regularly to Facebook and  While these are social media they do not necessarily invite active engagement with the Village Council and staff nor is the most efficient way to engage in discussion. So, to better engage all stakeholders in our community, I will propose that quarterly Town Hall meetings are added to our communications mix. These Town Halls would serve as an opportunity for Clemmons stakeholders to engage in live discussions with Village Council and staff, as well as other community influencers. These would be in contrast to the bi-monthly meetings that have no opportunity for communication back and forth.

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