July, 2018 – NCDOT Wants Your Opinion

Last week, there was an NCDOT meeting regarding proposed improvements to L-C Road and other areas among our most congested south of I-40. NCDOT is taking comments through August 8, 2018 to provide feedback to Clemmons Council at our August 13th meeting.  You can email these to me,  another member of Council or Village staff and we will be happy to forward them to DOT.
Here is the presentation provided at the meeting by Kimley Horn  U-6004 Public Meeting Presentation July 2018 along with the handout  U-6004 Public Meeting Handout from the public meeting.  
Here is a link to the maps that were on display.  
  1. The first map shows the project study area and the breakout of the larger map exhibits.
  2. Exhibit A shows a more detailed view of Lewisville-Clemmons Road and US 158/Clemmons Road. To address the backup of southbound left turn traffic, the project proposes dual left turn lanes with two receiving lanes in front of Walmart. Widening is shown in yellow. Medians are shown in red. The medians are being extended a bit to address safety and operations.
  3. Exhibit B shows the area discussed between Stadium Drive and the I-40 interchange where the median is proposed. A traffic signal would be installed at the leftover at Sessions Court to facilitate left turns and U-turns.
  4. Exhibit C shows a proposed right turn lane at Peace Haven Road.
Options for the interchange layout need to be analyzed further, but NCDOT is waiting to see if the project is supported by the public and Village Council before anything moves forward. If the project is not supported, it will not move forward. If the project is supported, it will proceed with developing more detailed designs and return to the public with that information.



June 9, 2018 – Idols Industrial Park Update

Since our last Council meeting a few things have taken place.

1.Beaufurn has not closed and June 9th was their scheduled closing date.  This does not mean the deal is dead. The commissioners have extended the deadline in the past. I would expect a decision will take place on Thursday.

2. Councilman Combest and I are touring the Beafurn facility and meeting with the founder, Thomas, on Wednesday June 11th. I’ve heard great things about the company and am excited to meet them and learn more. I hope to also clearly convey that Clemmons would happily welcome them, but we have concerns about how the Idols Road location, at full build out, will impact the community. That issue, however, is between the County and Clemmons and does not reflect upon Beaufurn.

3. A meeting with the NCDOT Division 9 office took place on Wednesday June 28 to discuss the process and timeline for the development of the scoping documents for the Transportation Impact Analysis completed by Davenport. What came out of that meeting was an understanding that a scoping document was never signed off on and that typically these would include all stakeholders’ signatures. This is an issue for Clemmons because we needed to know who scoped it and how it was scoped as it left out where a majority of the business park traffic would travel.

4. Village staff is working on a fresh response to the previously discussed concurrency deal presented by the county. Our first response was not responded to and we were advised by commissioners to present a response a second time.

5. A third party analysis of the Traffic Impact Analysis was completed by Kimley-Horn. Jonathan Guy presented those findings. 2018-07-5 Industrial Park TIA Comments

6. Mike Combest created an economic analysis including ROI calculations for the park.  You can see that here Annualized ROI Calculations for TBP-6

June 25th, 2018 – Idols Industrial Park Update

At our June 25thregular meeting, Councilman Combest shared the findings on the potential impacts of an industrial park in the specific area designated for it by Forsyth County.

Mike and I wanted to dig a little deeper and understand why that specific  location was chosen, what type of return on investment our county would be anticipating and what type of positive economic impact it would have on Clemmons – this presentation represented where those findings led us.  Here is a link to that presentation. 

The information we found, specifically around the traffic impact and effect on home values caused the Council concern and we have brought those concerns to the county staff and commissioners.

Next Steps Include:

  • Having an independent, third-party analysis of the Traffic Impact Analysis done for the industrial park.
  • Revisiting the opportunity for concurrency and fine tuning the parks’ covenants with the county commissioners and staff.

June 11 – Idols Industrial Park


Mike Combest and I asked our fellow council members this past Monday for their approval to move from a position of learning and potential supporting of the Idols Industrial Park to one of actively advocating and working for a more profitable, productive use of that area. This recommendation came after a series of meetings with County staff, Village staff and multiple county commissioners.

Council directed staff to craft a resolution that would represent to the County Commissioners that we do not support an industrial park at that location.  Mike and I also hope to present on information we have uncovered and the timeline of events so that our community fully understands what has led us to this conclusion and course of action. Look for that on the June 25th agenda.

In the meantime, we are scheduling time with county commissioners who were not previously approached regarding this issue to make sure they have a full understanding of our position.

May 29, 2018 – 158 Sidewalk Update

The sidewalk connecting Middlebrook to Tanglewood Park to run along 158 is moving in the right direction.

There have had to be a number environmental studies for this project because of floodways and a creek crossing at Asbury Place. Those studies were recently received and they are approved.  This is great news!

Mike Gunnell and Megan Ledbetter have already gone out to the sites and itemized all of the necessary easement and right of way (ROW) needed.  Now those (ROW), temporary easements and permanent drainage easement dedications are being drafted by the Village attorney.  The goal is to receive those drafts some time next week. Once those are complete the Village will meet with property owners along 158 to receive their signatures, which should take one to two weeks.

After those signatures are obtained all of the agreements will be sent to NCDOT for ROW certification. Once the ROW certification is complete the plans will be reviewed again by NCDOT for concurrence, which will then allow construction authorization. The goal to receive construction authorization is by the end of June.

After the Village receives construction authorization advertisements will go out for a CEI firm and construction firm. The Village will pick the lowest responsible bidders and then submit those selections to NCDOT for approval. Once that approval is complete mobilization on the project can begin.

If everything goes as planned (as it always does – ha!) the construction should begin by the end of July and finish before the cold season.




May 14, 2018 – Tanglewood Business Park

I hate this new name…it’s misleading. It is not a proposed business park, but rather still a proposed industrial park…I digress 😉

Councilman Mike Combest and I now have regularly scheduled meetings with County staff and a core group of Village staff to help shape the future of the land use off of Idols Road in Forsyth County, but adjacent to Clemmons limits.  Essentially, we have decided to follow the same playbook that strengthened communication and partnership between the Village and County as was done for the library.

What we have learned thus far is that the project is not one that any specific Commissioner is passionate about – it’s a staff-driven project.

Unfortunately, we have also learned that the county scope of “economic development” measures only two things – job creation and tax revenue. Economic development is a more comprehensive term that should have more comprehensive research placed behind it.  It should take into consideration logistics, home values, quality of life, environment, and more.  Economic development isn’t just about jobs – it should be about the overall impact on the economic climate of an area.

I am positive about our next steps and how the conversation has been received by a few county commissioners thus far. I believe that even if this goes the route of industrial or business park that Clemmons will have a voice in the execution of it.